[Gate-users] How to repeat a source without a phantom (Edit question)

Matthew Strugari matthew.strugari at dal.ca
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Hi Suhwan Kim,

I know your subject line states "without a phantom", but here's an alternate approach that might work for you without a voxelized structure. Define a parent volume that contains your repeating structure, define your source with the same geometry as your parent volume and attach it to the parent volume, then forbid<https://opengate.readthedocs.io/en/latest/source_and_particle_management.html?highlight=forbid#defining-a-cold-source> the source from emitting activity in the parent volume. This should distribute your activity across the repeating daughter structures.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Shwan,

Your question is interesting, but as per my knowledge Gate doesn't have repeating structures for sources.

I think you can achieve the multiple source objectives by using voxelized structure<https://opengate.readthedocs.io/en/latest/voxelized_source_and_phantom.html#voxelized-sources>.


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Dear gate user

I'll edit the question a bit.

I don't mind using Phantom to make multiple sources.

I need 100 sources each horizontally and vertically. (10000 Sources)

And 10000 sourceIDs should be output.

help me please.

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Hello GATE users.

I am suhwan kim

How do I repeat a point source without a phantom?

I am trying to create a source with 100 rows and 100 columns.

The spacing between sources is constant.


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