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Dear all,
Find below an announcement for a 1 year master scholarship program funded by the French Excellence laboratory PRIMES <https://primes.universite-lyon.fr/labex-primes/en/labex-primes-39584.kjsp?RH=LABEXPRIMESFR>. It is a nice opportunity to come to France for a year and prepare an internship (for example using the GATE platform).
If you wish to candidate, please read information below and send me your questions if any.

Please do not hesitate to forward this email to any student who would be interested.

Best regards


Labex PRIMES Master scholarship 12 months : sept. 2022-aug. 2023 <https://primes.universite-lyon.fr/labex-primes/site-francais/navigation/formation/stages-master-du-labex/master-scholarship-program/>
The PRIMES LabEx sets up an attractive program in training by and for research for high-level international students in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

12 master's courses are affiliated with this program, the 6-month master's internship will be done in one of the program's partner research teams.

The 12 master's courses affiliated with the program are:

UdL (Lyon University)

- Master of research Medical Imaging, Signal and System, Master MISS (Imaging)  - web site <https://polytech.univ-lyon1.fr/english-version/programs/biomedical-engineering/health-master>
- Master Mechanics, Biomechanics course (Biomechanical modeling) –Web site <http://offre-de-formations.univ-lyon1.fr/parcours-985/biomecanique.html>
- Physics Master
SUBA Courses (Nuclear Physics) - web site <https://master-physique.univ-lyon1.fr/m2/m2-suba/>
PHYSMAN Courses (Radioprotection) - Web site <https://master-syvic.univ-lyon1.fr/icap_website/812/14614>
- Computer science Master :

ID3D Courses (image) - Web site <http://master-info.univ-lyon1.fr/ID3D/>
AI Courses (AI) - Web sit <http://master-info.univ-lyon1.fr/IA/>
- Master OIVM (Saint-Etienne):

AIMA course (Image and vision) - Web site <http://paristech.institutoptique.fr/site.php?id=815&fileid=24383>
COSI Erasmus course (imaging and color)- Web site <https://www.univ-st-etienne.fr/fr/formation/master-XB/master-XB/master-optique-image-vision-multimedia-parcours-computational-colour-and-spectral-imaging-cosi-5_09_10_0001_FR.html>
UGA (Grenoble University)

- Master Health Engineering & Physics, PMR course (Medical Physics)- Web site <http://www-sante.ujf-grenoble.fr/SANTE/cms/sites/bmt/portail/lm/docs/20170310095820/Fiche_M2_IS_PM_version_21_fe_vrier_2017.pdf>
- Master Health Engineering, MITI course (Imaging) - web site <https://formations.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/fr/catalogue-2021/master-XB/master-ingenierie-de-la-sante-IAQKSXOB/parcours-modeles-innovation-technologique-imagerie-2e-annee-IBKJMNZ6.html?search-keywords=miti>
UCA (Clermont-Ferrand University)

- Master Image processing, TECHMED course (imaging) - Web site <https://eupi.uca.fr/formations/masters/master-traitement-du-signal-et-des-images/master-imagerie-et-technologie-pour-la-medecine-techmed>
- Master Physics, PTR-IPM course (Medical Physics) - Web site <https://www.uca.fr/formation/nos-formations/catalogue-des-formations/master-ingenierie-nucleaire#presentation>
Research teams affiliated with the program:

- All the research teams of the PRIMES LabEx - click here <https://primes.universite-lyon.fr/labex-primes/site-francais/navigation/qui-sommes-nous-/consortium/equipes/>
Agenda for application

- March 31st 2022 – deadline to apply.

Application to a specific master of the program (prior admission of the candidate to this master under cover that the candidate obtains the scholarship).

- Between April 4 and 7 2022 – Selection of candidate eligible for an audition by the LabEx steering committee.

- April 14 2022 –Labex PRIMES steering committee: Selection of the laureate 

Presentation by each pre-selected candidates (5 min presentation by visiocall + 5 min questions). The steering committee will rank successful candidates (two ordered lists: one main and one complementary)

How to apply :

You must send the following documents to the person in charge of the master you are interested in, mentioning ‘application to the LabEx PRIMES Master scholarship program’

- CV
- Motivations letter (including professionals objectives)
- Academic results (ranking …)
- Two letters of recommendation from people being in a position of supervision of the candidate (person in charge of academic courses, internship supervisor …).
- English level justification (certification, English school path …)

Selection criteria :

- Academic excellence
- Professional project toward research career
- Priority will be given to people studying abroad at the time of application
- Labex PRIMES is an equal opportunity environment

Remarks :

- Grant cannot be combined with other grants (Eiffel, Erasmus +, AUF, etc.)
- Candidate must be of foreign nationality; No French binational.
- No requirement for fluency in French if English is fluent.
- The scholarship ends if the internship does not take place in one of the LabEx PRIMES research teams affiliated to the program.

Grant amount:

Fellowship of € 800 / month for 12 months including housing allowances of € 200 / month.

+ up to € 1000: contribution to the cost of a return trip between the country of origin and the place of the master's degree

+ up to € 500 contribution to the costs of labs visits (across Auvergne Rhone Alpes region) during autumn semester

+ € 1000 contribution to the internship environment (conference, handling fees, etc.)

Lydia Maigne, PhD

Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont
UMR 6533 CNRS/IN2P3 - Université Clermont Auvergne

Campus Universitaire des Cézeaux
4, avenue Blaise Pascal
TSA 60026
CS 60026
63178 - Aubière Cedex

Tel: (33) (0) 4 73 40 51 23
email: Lydia.Maigne at clermont.in2p3.fr
Website: http://see.lpc.uca.fr

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