[Gate-users] Problem with biasing/variance reduction

Lana Beck lana.beck at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Feb 26 17:02:05 CET 2020

Hi there,

I'm aware that the gate commands for biasing are deprecated so I am trying to user the geant4 commands, found here slide 7:

/process/em/setSecBiasing eBrem world 1000 100 MeV
/process/em/setSecBiasing compt world 1000 100 MeV

The command works for Bremsstrahlung but not for Compton scattering.
However the deprecated gate command does work:

/gate/physics/addProcess Compton
/gate/physics/processes/Compton/setModel StandardModel gamma
/gate/physics/processes/Compton/activateSplitting gamma 100

A demonstration of this in the visualisation can be found here:

The macro can be found here:

With the gate commands from L77-88 and the geant4 command from L152-153

Can anyone explain what is happening?

Many thanks,

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