[Gate-users] No difference in output with different Davis LUT surface setting (이승은)

Mariele Stockhoff Mariele.Stockhoff at UGent.be
Wed Feb 26 09:09:16 CET 2020

Dear Seungeun,

Please check when starting the simulation if you see something similar than this:

LUT DAVIS - data file: /data/gent/.../Detector_LUT.dat read in!
Reflectivity LUT DAVIS - data file: /data/gent/.../Detector_LUTR.dat read in!

If not, then Gate cannot find and access the LUTs. Check the directories.
If yes, good sign! Maybe then you should try defining both, the surface outside-crystal & crystal outside. Just to make sure you defined the correct one.

If you still have problems please share more details.

Best wishes and good luck,

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Today's Topics:

  1. Hounsfield text file (Eng. M Pharaon)
  2. No difference in output with different Davis LUT surface
     setting (이승은)


Message: 1
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2020 17:06:25 +0000
From: "Eng. M Pharaon" <pharaon_m at hotmail.com>
To: Gate Email <gate-users at lists.opengatecollaboration.org>
Subject: [Gate-users] Hounsfield text file
<MWHPR14MB1295003055938D22A2B5B3C596ED0 at MWHPR14MB1295.namprd14.prod.outlook.com>

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Dear all
how we could create hounsfiled text file for series of DICOM files ?
best regards
                    Mohamad Pharaon
                          Nuclear Engineer
            Teacher Assistant at Faculty Of
       Mechanical And Electrical Engineering
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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2020 11:07:52 +0900
From: 이승은 <seungeun058 at gmail.com>
To: gate-users at lists.opengatecollaboration.org
Subject: [Gate-users] No difference in output with different Davis LUT
surface setting
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Dear all,

I'm quite new to use Davis LUT model for optical simulation, so I just
simply tested the example file in vGATE 8.2
(/gate/GateContrib/imaging/LUTDavisModel) with setting the output format as

When I changed the optical boundary surface setting between the crystal and
the outside such as Rough, RoughESR_LUT, nothing changes in the light
output (e.g., # of optical transportation to the pixel) for 511 keV gamma
rays. According to several references, or also in common sense, light
output should be larger with any kind of reflector attached.
I attached my output (511 keV peak histogram) below.

I checked that I enabled the GATE_USE_OPTICAL and GATE_USE_DAVIS, and I
think the G4RealSurface2.1.1 was correctly installed.

Please tell me if there is something I missed.

Thank you for any help.

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