[Gate-users] Voxelized source and phantom in benchImageNavigators

Zhengzhi Liu zliu36 at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 27 00:59:50 CET 2020

Dear Han Gyu, Howard, and Gate users,

(I noticed from the previous emails that you two are using voxelized source
and phantom, thus I send this email to you. )

I tried to import voxelized source and phantom in PET GATE simulation by
following the benchImageNavigators
example provided in GATE 8.2 package. However, I can't even get example
code work. I have two problems with the example code:

   1. Visualization issue:  the qt viewer would automatically close and
   leaves me no time to visually check the voxelized source or voxelized
   2. Running issue: the example can't run and keep throwing the warning
   message as shown in the attached screenshot, and no actual output is
   generated but an empty root file.

I believe importing PET/CT image has become very mature in GATE simulation.
Could anyone give any help with running this example code?

I am very appreciative of your help.

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