[Gate-users] Feasibility of generating triple coincidence data using digitizer module

Satyajit Ghosh satyajitghosh.email at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 23:47:33 CET 2020

Dear Gaters,

                       We know that digitizer in GATE helps us to realize
the real data processing chain of a detector. From Hits, Singles data are
generated and from there Coincidence data.  Coincidence data are of
importance, especially in PET. On the other hand, Singles data are used in
SPECT. Now, there are various forms of imaging where triple coincidence is
used as imaging data. My question is, *can we obtain higher fold data from
GATE using digitizer by changing probably some source code?* Or, should we
stick to user-defined approximate post-processing from hits data outside


*Satyajit Ghosh*
*PhD Student*

*Nuclear Spectroscopy and Molecular Imaging Lab,*
*Physics Department, IIT Bombay,*
*Mumbai-400076, INDIA*
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