[Gate-users] How to detect 2D optical photons map?

Dania Consuegra dconsuegra88 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 17:11:48 CET 2018

Hi Shahrokh

I used the OpticalSystem when I started with Gate and I get reasonable
results for the optical photons hits, but I never get Cherenkov Photon
coincidences in the root output even when I can see using
POS:XPOS:Y:POSZ{PGDEncoding==0} that the Cherenkov Photons reached both
photodetectors ....
At that time I was using a simple configuration of 2 crystal + 2
photodetectors ....

At some point I changed to the Scanner System and I get nice results for
the standard LSO-PET and my Cherenkov-PET in terms of coincidences and

After I have to change again my System from the Scanner System to the
Cylindrical System in order to be compatible with the CASToR

So, in my case the OpticalSystem was good for started to see Cherenkov
Photons with Gate and set-up the Physics.mac but at the end the Cylindrical
System is the one that I'm using for my current simulations....


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