[Gate-users] Fan Beam CT scanner with multiple detectors

Forrest McDougal forrestmcdougal at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 15:34:35 CEST 2017


Thank you for the response. I should have been more clear originally. To
answer a few of the questions, I am running GATE 8.0 with Geant 4.10.03,
ROOT 6.10 and it is running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

My problem is that I would like to use the CTscanner geometry and have an
output of imageCT where all of my detectors contribute to the final image.
I have set up the geometry to where all of the detectors are in place and
there are no errors.

More specifically, I have built the module, then the cluster on top of the
module followed by the pixel. I have then filled the cluster with pixels
using the cubicArray. I then repeated the module in a ring (partial ring to
be more exact) and then attached the module, cluster, and pixel and finally
set the crystalSD to the pixel. When I do this, I only get one detector
(the original one), not the ring of detectors. When I turn off the ring
repeater, the images are the same size.

I have similarly tried to make multiple detectors separately along with
separate clusters and pixels. This works for up to three detectors when I
use the following:

/gate/systems/CTscanner/module/attach module
/gate/systems/CTscanner/cluster_0/attach cluster0
/gate/systems/CTscanner/cluster_1/attach cluster1
/gate/systems/CTscanner/cluster_2/attach cluster2
/gate/systems/CTscanner/pixel_0/attach pixel0
/gate/systems/CTscanner/pixel_1/attach pixel1
/gate/systems/CTscanner/pixel_2/attach pixel2


This gives me three detectors correctly.

Unfortunately, when I try to use cluster_3, pixel_3 and higher, Only one
pixel total is in the output. The documentation only has up to cluster_2,
so I believe that is the limit of active detectors, but I wanted to see if
there is a workaround. It might not be possible to have more detectors and
still have the output be imageCT, but wanted to see if anybody else has had
to do something similar. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,
Forrest McDougal
(501) 470-6642
forrestmcdougal at gmail.com
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