[Gate-users] ProjectionPlane SPECT

Niels van der Werf nrvdwerf at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 18:58:48 CEST 2017

Hello All,

For my current project I’m trying to make a SPECT scan from a voxelized phantom. With the SPECT-heads in the ZY plane, a correct result is generated. However, as stated in the manual, the projection plane of the detector has to be chosen according to the simulated experiment.

I tried to rotate the SPECT-heads by 90 degrees, so they were not on the sides of the phantom, but above and below. I assumed that the projection plane was now the ZX plane. However, the results are not correct when I run my simulation.

So, can anyone help me in finding the correct code to rotate the SPECT-heads around the patient? So, not only on the sides or above and below the patient, but also on any other angulation?

My code now is:

/gate/output/projection/setFileName 							output/YourProjection
/gate/output/projection/pixelSizeX 								0.904 mm
/gate/output/projection/pixelSizeY 								0.904 mm
/gate/output/projection/pixelNumberX 							128
/gate/output/projection/pixelNumberY 							128
/gate/output/projection/projectionPlane 							ZX

/gate/SPECThead/placement/setTranslation 						-23 0 -75 cm
/gate/SPECThead/placement/setRotationAxis					0 0 1
/gate/SPECThead/placement/setRotationAngle					90 deg

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,
Niels van der Werf

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