[Gate-users] CCP PET-MR: request for input on software specification

Kris Thielemans kris.f.thielemans at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 10:34:49 CEST 2015

Dear all

you might have already heard that we have been awarded a UK networking grant
for creation of a "collaborative computational project (CCP) in synergistic
PET-MR reconstruction". Please check our website
<http://www.ccppetmr.ac.uk/>  for more information. Although this is
UK-EPSRC funded, the network activities are open to anyone.

Of direct interest to members of this list is our software project, where we
aim to create an open source software package to enable research in image
reconstruction for PET-MR, i.e covering both PET and MR reconstruction. We
will do this based on existing open source software of course. We aim to
support several underlying packages, but STIR is our first target for PET
(and the Gadgetron for MR). This means developments by/for the STIR
community will benefit the CCP work and vice versa.

We had an meeting on the 7th of July where we started the discussion on our
software framework. We now have a draft "User Specification". We need your
input to improve and comment on this short document. Please check
<http://www.ccppetmr.ac.uk/softwareframework.html> .
We hope this discussion will be an active process for 1 month. The final
discussion will be at our next Software Framework Meeting (7th of
September), where remote attendance will be possible.

Let me also take the opportunity to draw your attention to  a Satellite
Workshop on Open Source Software in Medical Imaging at the IEEE Medical
Imaging Conference this year, organised by Harry and me, see
<http://stir.sourceforge.net/MIC2015SatelliteWorkshop/main.htm> for initial

Enjoy the summer!

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the CCP PET-MR

Kris Thielemans
Senior Lecturer at University College London,
Institute of Nuclear Medicine, UCL Hospital

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