[Gate-users] What is Opticaladder? Scintillation Questions

Amy Meldrum ameldru at g.clemson.edu
Wed Jul 2 15:43:14 CEST 2014

Hello Gate users,

I am using GATE to model pieces of scintillating material and a PMT.
Recently I have been comparing some simulations to my data, and am trying
to figure out where certain discrepancies come from.

To analyze data from my simulations, I use a program I have written to
parse the Hits.dat file such that the number of photons detected per parent
particle is stored into a histogram - analogous to a spectrum. However,
comparing this to my experimental spectra, the simulations seem to have
many more low energy (low # of photons detected) counts than my
experimental data. Are there any possible reasons for this? Is there a
threshold (either for scintillation or detection) that I should take into

Also I have read a little bit about the digitizer and 'opticaladder,' but I
cannot find a concise description of what it does, and what the Singles.dat
file means. What makes a 'single'? Is this something I should consider
using for my analyses?

Please help, and thank you,

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