[Gate-users] Voxelized Phantom/md5

Thu Jul 3 23:09:56 CEST 2014

To Whom it May Concern,

  I have been attempting to learn about how to incorporate our voxelized phantom source into GATE.

  To this end, I have been perusing the Voxelized_Phantom_source example in our copy of GATE 7.0:


  In this directory, there are some GATE .mac files, along with some data that appear to be 'interfile' files.  There is a file named 'brain.phantom.h33'.  This appears to be a header file.  I used our copy of 'ImageJ' to  open this file, and it contains some information about the number of slices, pixels, etc.  There is another file named 'brain.phantom.i33.md5'.  This would seem to be the corresponding image file, but it's only 33 Bytes.  In addition, the 'md5' termination seems to be some sort of hexadecimal encryption that I'm not familiar with.

  Any information?

  Thanks in advance.


  Lars Ewell

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