[Gate-users] gate5 compilation on Ubuntu problem

Marko T. Oreskovic mtoreskovic at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 9 17:54:59 CEST 2009

Hi all,
I'm new to linux and having problems compiling gate5 on Ubuntu 9.04, here is my listing: 

blk at blk-desktop:/usr/share/gate/gate_v5.0.0_p01$ ls
benchmarks     env_gate.sh  GateMaterials.db  Materials.xml   README            Surfaces.xml
Cluster_Tools  examples     GNUmakefile       noverbose.mac   ReleaseNotes.pdf  variables.gmk
env_gate.csh   Gate.cc      license           prerunGate.mac  source
blk at blk-desktop:/usr/share/gate/gate_v5.0.0_p01$ source env_gate.sh

The current value of G4INSTALL is: /usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01
The current value of G4VERSION is: 9.2

Launching Geant4 configuration script /usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01/env.sh

On this machine the G4SYSTEM=Linux-g++
On this machine the G4INSTALL=/usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01
On this machine the G4LIB=/usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01/lib
On this machine the G4LEVELGAMMADATA=/usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01/data/PhotonEvaporation2.0
On this machine the G4RADIOACTIVEDATA=/usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01/data/RadioactiveDecay3.2
On this machine the G4LEDATA=/usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01/data/G4EMLOW6.2
On this machine the G4NEUTRONHPDATA=/usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01/data/G4NDL3.13
On this machine the G4ABLADATA=/usr/share/geant4/geant4.9.2.p01/data/G4ABLA3.0
On this machine the CLHEP_BASE_DIR=/usr/share/CLHEP
On this machine the CLHEP_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/share/CLHEP/include
On this machine the CLHEP_LIB_DIR=/usr/share/CLHEP/lib
On this machine the CLHEP_LIB=CLHEP
On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_OPENGLX_DRIVER=1
On this machine the G4VIS_USE_OPENGLX=1
On this machine the G4VIS_USE_RAYTRACERX=1
On this machine the XMFLAGS=
On this machine the XMLIBS=
On this machine the XMFLAGS=
On this machine the XAWFLAGS=
On this machine the XAWLIBS=
On this machine the G4LIB_BUILD_STATIC=1
On this machine the G4LIB_USE_GRANULAR=1
On this machine the G4UI_USE_TCSH=1

Configuring GATE options

G4WORKDIR set to .
G4TMP set to ./tmp
G4BIN set to ./bin
Data analysis and output features enabled
Ascii data output enabled
Transport and generation of optical photons is enabled
Use of ROOT disabled
ROOT real-time plotter disabled
LMF data output disabled
ECAT7 data output disabled
GATEHOME is set to /usr/share/gate/gate_v5.0.0_p01
Checking your path variable...
 ==> OK: /usr/share/gate/gate_v5.0.0_p01/bin/Linux-g++ is already in your path variable
G4VERSION9_2 is set: GATE is compatible with the geant4 version 9.2


blk at blk-desktop:/usr/share/gate/gate_v5.0.0_p01$ 
blk at blk-desktop:/usr/share/gate/gate_v5.0.0_p01$ sudo make
GNUmakefile:20: /variables.gmk: No such file or directory
GNUmakefile:22: /config/binmake.gmk: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `/config/binmake.gmk'.  Stop.

I have tried using just make, without sudo, but then I'm getting no permission errors.
I have seen this problem posted before but no answers. Only one answer was about setting a
date two years back, but that did not help.
Any hints ?

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