[Gate-users] GATE on Windows XP

Nicholas Forwood nforwood at stvincents.com.au
Mon Jul 6 08:04:06 CEST 2009

I noticed in the users survey that 8% of users are on Windows XP. Is anyone on
this list able to say concretely which steps they followed to get GATE working on
Windows XP?

Thus far I have successfully setup GEANT4 9.1.p03 through CYGWIN and Visual c++
(as per the instructions on the GEANT4 website) but I am having trouble compiling
GATE. I have tried without and without ROOT and LMF installed but I still get
compile errors relating to a variable "M_PI" and a function "stricmp" or something
like that. Since it is improbable that the authors of this software made the
simple error of not declaring something and I alone have spotted it, it would seem
that I have done something more fundamentally wrong. 

If someone has had a positive experience of using GATE on Window XP it would be
great if you could share it.


Nicholas Forwood

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