[Gate-users] some help about Gate 4.0.0 under Fedora Core and Ubuntu TSL

Samuel BURG samuel_burg at yahoo.fr
Mon Sep 1 18:09:31 CEST 2008

Dear Gaters,

in the attached file you will find some help about :

- how to compile gate 4.0.0 under Ubuntu 8.04 TSL
- how to compile gate 4.0.0 under Fedora Core 6,7,8
- file for Gate and Root mime type
- file for syntax highlighting in gate scripts
- an extended Materials.xml file
- an extended GateMaterials.db file

hope this will help some people

I will also be glad to have some comment on thoses files if there is errors ... nobody is perfect, thanks.

Best regards,

Samuel Burg

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