[Gate-users] ncat voxel source problem

Susana Branco Silva susana.silva at fc.ul.pt
Tue Jul 1 16:57:25 CEST 2008

Hi Ali!


You have to be careful with two things:


1st: GATE can’t read float data (32 bit)! So you'll need to convert your
phantom file to unsigned integer (16 bit) format (with IDL or MATLAB for

The NCAT program produces bin files in float data
 Do you did the

Don’t forget to check you image conversion before launch your simulation
all scripts are well defined and you got a total of 0 voxels, probably is
because the conversion wasn't done correctly.


2nd: The ActivityRange.dat file is where you define the activity
distribution inside the phantom (for each voxel or voxels range) = match
activity values to the voxels number/range,...., is the definition of the
voxelized source in your simulation!

You have the information about the voxels numbers (assigned an each organ or
tissue) in the parameters file on the NCAT program. The same information is
reproduced in the log file at the moment of the generation of the phantom
files by the program.

You can also check this values if you visualize your phantom file, using an
image software... If you didn’t define these values correctly, it could be
the reason of your problem.


Hope this help you.




Susana Branco Silva



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Hi gate users!

I installed the gate3.1.2 on my computer successfully and ran ncat phantom
with 128*128 array and 128 slices with no error.

problem arises when i use the ncat voxelized source(with 75 bq activity in
each voxel of heart and others=0). GATE show ncat voxel phantom truely but
in voxel source, the voxel number yhat gate recognized is 0 and then the
total activity is 0.


(i use voxelized source instead of voxelized ohantom in my macro and gate
realized it successfully and show me a heart in opengl viewer)


what is it's problem to run the ncat voxel source and why it's voxel number
is zero?

help me to overcome this problem.


thank you.

Ali Asghar Parach

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