[Gate-users] Problem with ROOT and ASCII output DATA

Park MinJae MJ at ToTi.us
Wed Jan 30 01:48:23 CET 2008

Dear Davi,
That's the same as my box...
I just work around them...
I use only ROOT file and projection file...:)
I could not find anything wrong or strange, either.
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Hi gate users,


I have sucessfull compiled and installed gate 3.1.2 with Suse 10.1, but I
think there is a problem with output data Gate.

 When I run for example the benchmarkSPECT, it gives me this message:

***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/output/root/setSaveRndmFlag 1> *****


Or if I try run example benchmarkPET, it gives me this message:

***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/output/ascii/setOutFileHitsFlag 0> *****


This messages are justified, because if I run Gate in any terminal and put
ls gate/output, I don’t have the sub-directories root and ascii, only
analysis and digi.


Then I ask: What is wrong with my configuration? Someone have an idea? 

I don't know where is the problem, because I think that all environment are
ok, but I don't have sub-directories gate/output/ascii and gate/output/root.

What must I do to have the sub-directories root and ascii? My
output files are set to =1, however I think that they don’t work.


My environment is:


export ROOTSYS=/geant4/root_v5.14.00h/root

export PATH=$ROOTSYS/bin:$PATH

export G4WORKDIR=/g4work

export GATEHOME=/geant4/gate_v3.1.2/gate_v3.1.2

export G4VERSION=9.0

export LMF_HOME=/geant4/lmf_v3.0/lmf_v3.0

export ECAT7_HOME=/geant4/ECAT

source /geant4/geant4.9.0.p01/env.sh



When I run ./env_gate.sh is returned:


The current value of G4INSTALL is: /geant4/geant4.9.0.p01

The current value of G4VERSION is: 9.0


Launching Geant4 configuration script /geant4/geant4.9.0.p01/env.sh


On this machine the G4SYSTEM=Linux-g++

On this machine the G4INSTALL=/geant4/geant4.9.0.p01

On this machine the G4INCLUDE=/geant4/geant4.9.0.p01/include/

On this machine the G4LIB=/geant4/geant4.9.0.p01/lib

On this machine the

On this machine the

On this machine the G4LEDATA=/geant4/geant4.9.0.p01/data/G4EMLOW4.3

On this machine the G4NEUTRONHPDATA=/geant4/geant4.9.0.p01/data/G4NDL3.11

On this machine the CLHEP_BASE_DIR=/usr/local

On this machine the CLHEP_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/local/include

On this machine the CLHEP_LIB_DIR=/usr/local/lib

On this machine the CLHEP_LIB=CLHEP

On this machine the G4ANALYSIS_USE=1

On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_DAWN_DRIVER=1

On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_OPENGLX_DRIVER=1


On this machine the G4VIS_BUILD_VRML_DRIVER=1

On this machine the G4VIS_USE_DAWN=1

On this machine the G4VIS_USE_OPENGLX=1

On this machine the G4VIS_USE_RAYTRACERX=1

On this machine the G4VIS_USE_VRML=1

On this machine the XMFLAGS=

On this machine the XMLIBS=

On this machine the XMFLAGS=

On this machine the XAWFLAGS=

On this machine the XAWLIBS=

On this machine the G4LIB_BUILD_STATIC=1

On this machine the G4LIB_USE_GRANULAR=1

On this machine the G4UI_USE_TCSH=1


Configuring GATE options


G4WORKDIR set to /g4work

G4TMP set to /g4work/tmp

G4BIN set to /g4work/bin

Data analysis and output features enabled

Ascii data output enabled

Transport and generation of optical photons is enabled

Checking your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable...

 ==> OK: /geant4/root_v5.14.00h/root/lib is already in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Use of ROOT enabled

ROOT real-time plotter disabled

Checking your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable...

 ==> OK: /geant4/lmf_v3.0/lmf_v3.0/lib is already in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH

LMF data output enabled

ECAT7 data output enabled

GATEHOME is set to /geant4/gate_v3.1.2/gate_v3.1.2

Checking your path variable...

 ==> OK: /geant4/gate_v3.1.2/gate_v3.1.2/bin/Linux-g++ is already in your
path variable

G4VERSION8 is not set: GATE is not compatible with the geant4 version

G4VERSION9 is set: GATE is compatible with the geant4 version  9.0





Davi François


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