[Gate-users] Ask for help about voxellized phantom

sheng ye beyond071 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 07:44:18 CET 2007

Hi all,

      I got a problem while making a voxellized phantom. It could  be
found in chapter 7 of Users Guide, which  about how to write a voxellized
 phantom. It says that parameterized volume method is now
available in GATE for voxellized phantoms. And it gives the  keyword
"parameterizedBoxMatrix" in the insert command:

/gate/world/daughters/name anyname
/gate/world/daughters/insert parameterizedBoxMatrix.

      I followed the guide,but error occurs during GATE running.The
error is "parameter value is not  listed in  the candidate list", now i
 don't know how to deal with it. Thanks for anyone who can help me.
I am looking forward to the reply.

      In addition, My OS platform is Linux Redhat 9.0, Gate version is
1.0.2, Geant4 version is 4.5.2.

The follows is my phantom.mac:

#Create a zubal lung phantom
/gate/world/daughters/name phantom
/gate/world/daughters/insert parameterizedBoxMatrix

#Read the file: a 420*420*1 array
/gate/phantom/geometry/insertReader image
/gate/ phantom/imageReader/insertTranslator tabulated
/gate/phantom/imageReader/tabulated Translator/readTable zubalTable.dat
/gate/phantom/imageReader/readFile zubal420phantom.dat

#Place the phantom and rotate it so that it is in the XYplane
/gate/phantom/placement/setTranslation 0 - 0 mm

#Attach the phantom SD

       beyond071 at gmail.com
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