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Chen, Yu Yu.Chen at umassmed.edu
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I do not think "Transportation" process is only for the purpose
of transporting between different volumes for particles.

Actually, a hit is a step in Geant4. When a particle travels more than 
a interaction range cut (defined as cut threshold) and if there is not
a interaction (processes as compton, photoelectric etc) happened for this
particle, then this step (hit) will be labled as "Transportation" process.

More accurate way to look for particles crossing a boundary is to find that 
step associated with prepoint in pre-volume and postpoint in post-volume.

Does GATE hit class have those volume names written out?

Please correct me if I am wrong and misleading.  

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You could probably use the hits output of Gate for this. One of the
columns in this output is the process, and one of the possible processes
is 'Transportation', which indicates a particle leaving the sensitive
detector. (I think it is leaving, but you'll have to check to be sure.)

I hope this solves your problem.


PS Below you can find two bash scripts that run a Gate simulation and
extract the annihilation coordinates from the hits output, without
creating a huge hits file.  Perhaps they are usefull.

======= run.sh ===========
rm -f gateHits.dat
mkfifo gateHits.dat
./process.sh gateHits.dat > annihilations.dat &
Gate beamgeometry.mac > screenout
rm gateHits.dat

======= process.sh ===========
cat $1 | grep 'annihil' | gawk '{print $14, $15, $16}'

Ben S McDonald wrote:
> Howdy Gaters,
> Does anyone know if it is possible to set a flag for a boundary crossing
> in Gate (e.g. did particles pass through volume without interacting)?
> I'm trying to quantify pinhole penetration other than by just
> ray-tracing between the sourcePos and globalPos stored variables.
> Thanks for any help,
> Ben McDonald
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