[gate-users] lmf compile fails

Jean-Marc Vieira jean-marc.vieira at epfl.ch
Fri May 28 13:10:36 CEST 2004

Hi Huaxia,
Yes you're right, the problem comes from the root output of the LMF 
which uses root libs/header files.
You should install root first and compile all together GATE+LMF ;  
Anyway, root is a very powerfully and convenient tool to analyse GATE 
outputs  ;-)
Cheers, Jean-marc

Huaxia Zhao wrote:

>When I was trying to install lmf libray, gcc returned following errors:
>src/outputRootMgr.cc:32:19: TFile.h: No such file or directory
>src/outputRootMgr.cc:33:19: TTree.h: No such file or directory
>32: #include "TFile.h"
>33: #include "TTree.h"
>It seems the header files are missing in include/ directory.  I wonder if lmf
>requires other background libraries support (like root.cern.ch???).  But
Yes, this manual version is older that the code, sorry for that.

>according to the manual, the lmf directory can be simply installed locally on
>the system without any path or setenv definitions.......

>Thanks for the answer.
>Huaxia Zhao
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