[gate-users] New User

carey floyd cef at deckard.duhs.duke.edu
Mon Jun 28 14:39:44 CEST 2004

I am a new user of GATE and GEANT4 although I am familiar with Monte 
Carlo simulation of SPECT. Currently I am developing a Neutron 
Stimulated Emission Computed Tomography technique using Fast Neutrons 
(En = 2.5 - 10 MeV) to stimulate emission of gammas by inelastic 
scattering. While I realize that this technique is not supported 
directly by GATE, I feel that with the help of this community, I can 
get something useful running. My initial question: has anyone gotten 
GATE running under MacOSX 1.3.3 with GEANT 4.2 ? I just discovered GATE 
2 days ago and have spent most of today trying to get it running on a 
400MHz G4. The FINK builds of root3 and CLHEP were several hours each 
and the install of GEANT4.2 is still running after several hours so I 
may not have actual questions for another day! None the less, any 
advice is welcome. I am not a system-level programer and am ignorant of 
many essential details. Thanks to your forum, I have already avoided 
several errors that others before me have resolved. I look forward to 
interacting with you all. After today, I am especially looking forward 
to a new dual processor G5 that I have ordered!

Carey Floyd
Duke University USA

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