[Gate-users] How to use the positrons from proton beam irradiation for PET imaging?

Catarina Magalhães anacatarinamagalhaes at ua.pt
Fri Nov 18 11:56:57 CET 2022

Dear Gate users,

I am trying to simulate the production of positrons in a PMMA phantom when irradiated with a proton beam and use that information to obtain a simulated PET image. For this, I am running two separate simulations. In the 1st, I save the positron production in a .root file, using the PhaseSpaceActor. In the 2nd, I use the PhaseSpace .root file as a source for the PET simulation and save the PET data in a .root file. However, I obtain the majority of positrons in the phantom contour (is this because the PhaseSpaceActor only stores the particles entering and exiting the volumes?).

Besides, I also tried to use the ProductionAndStoppingActor to obtain the positron map. However, I was not able to use the .mhd image as a source in the PET simulation. I already tried to search in the Gate users archive and did not find anything.

Thank you in advance,
Catarina Magalhães.

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