[Gate-users] Energy spectrum Actor - Kinetic energy

Maria PEDROSA RIVERA pedrosar at lpsc.in2p3.fr
Thu Mar 24 09:40:23 CET 2022

Dear all,

I have two questions about the "Energy spectrum Actor":
-First, according to the documentation, the Energy spectrum actor should give 3 histograms, but, with the default parameters (code below), I only get two: The Energy deposition and the Fluence Track Spectrum.

-Second, I am not interested on the energy deposition or on the fluence summing up the track length, I want to obtain the total kinetic energy. Is it the kinetic energy spectrum included in this "Energy spectrum Actor"?  If yes, what should I include in the code to get it?  

My code for the actor is (I am using vGate 9.0):
/gate/actor/addActor  EnergySpectrumActor           Name
/gate/actor/Name/save                               output/Name.txt
/gate/actor/Name/attachTo                           volume
/gate/actor/Name/addFilter                          particleFilter
/gate/actor/Name/particleFilter/addParticle         alpha
/gate/actor/Name/energySpectrum/setEmin             0 MeV
/gate/actor/Name/energySpectrum/setEmax             15 MeV
/gate/actor/Name/energySpectrum/setNumberOfBins     1000  

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind Regards,
MarĂ­a Pedrosa

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