[Gate-users] Gate jobsplitter issue

Roberto Massari rmassari at libero.it
Sun Mar 13 09:52:11 CET 2022

Dear all,

recently I had some issues using the jobsplitter provided in the cluster 
tools. Actually, running the gjs executable I got the error "Floating 
point exception (core dumped)". Obtaining only two files in the .Gate 

Checking on the mailing list, I found the thread "cluster run on 
GATE_v9" where in a message dated Sun Jul 12 18:51:51 CEST 2020, Xinjie 
Cao [xinjie.cao at stonybrook.edu] replied:
"Hi Hadi, From my experience, there is a bug in the gjs tool of the GATE 
v9.0 package for that error. Please download an older edition of the 
GATE package, like v8.2 which I have confirmed executable, and try to 
use the cluster tools of it."

However, the problem mentioned is generated by the line of code:

if(j%(nSplits/10)==0) cout<<100*j/nSplits<<"% "<<flush;

which is contained in the function G4int GenerateResolvedMacros(G4String 
directory) of the class GateMacfileParser in the file 
GateMacfileParse.cc (lines 111-112).

The most immediate solution is to comment out this line: the change is 
completely safe.

Best regards,
Roberto Massari

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