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Maikol Salas Ramirez mmsalas at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 17:50:11 CET 2022

Dear Gate users,

Recently I found the .cc and .hh files of a *GateDoseSpectrumActor*. This
actor is not mentioned in opengate.readthedocs.io or any webpage.
I would like to ask if someone is working on it. Is it a prototype?

I tested the energy calculation using the EnergySpectrumActor and the
energy units differ:
I simulated a Ac-225 source using the Ion source definition. I scored the
deposited energy with both actors (EnergySpectrumActor and
GateDoseSpectrumActor). The deposited energy differs by a factor of 1000. *The
only justification that I can find is that, in the GateDoseSpectrumActor,
the deposited energy is expressed in keV/(1000 events) OR (eV/event) and
there is a typo in the code (the units shoud be eV instead of keV):*
/// Save data
void GateDoseSpectrumActor::SaveData()
  std::ofstream DoseResponseFile;
  OpenFileOutput(mSaveFilename, DoseResponseFile);
  DoseResponseFile << "Incoming energy (*keV*)" << " "
                   << "Average energy deposit (*keV*)" << " "
                   << "Energy uncertainty (*keV*)"  << Gateendl;
  std::map< G4double, G4double>::iterator itermEnergy;
  for( itermEnergy = mEnergy.begin(); itermEnergy != mEnergy.end();
    G4double energyIn = itermEnergy->first;
    G4double totEnergyOut = mEnergy[energyIn];
    G4double numPart = mNumParticPerEnergy[energyIn];
    G4double avgEnergyOut = totEnergyOut / numPart;
    G4double avgEnergySq  = mEnergySquare[energyIn] / numPart;
    G4double error = sqrt( (1.0 / ( numPart - 1)) * ( avgEnergySq - pow(
avgEnergyOut, 2)));
    DoseResponseFile << energyIn/*keV* << " "
                     << avgEnergyOut/*keV* << " "
                     << error/*keV*  << Gateendl;

Is anyone working on this?

Best regards
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