[Gate-users] Overlap of patient CT with detector

McNamara Keegan (PSI) keegan.mcnamara at psi.ch
Fri Jan 21 10:25:21 CET 2022

Dear GATE users,

I am simulating a cylindricalPET system around a patient. The scanner is quite close to the patient and so the voxelised phantom will very often overlap the scanner, typically where the voxels correspond to air. Using the mumap actor I can see this overlap, leading to missing detector segments, and in the root output I can see that these missing segments do not receive any hits.

If I crop the CT then I am trying to fit a square into a circle, and I lose sections of the patient CT.

I have tried reordering the scanner -> patient -> source definitions to see if hierarchy matters, but it appears that the overlap occurs anyway.

What is the best way to solve this issue?

Thanks for your help,
Paul Scherrer Institut
Keegan McNamara
CH 5232 Villigen PSI

Phone:   +41 56 310 57 62
E-Mail:   keegan.mcnamara at psi.ch<mailto:keegan.mcnamara at psi.ch>

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