[Gate-users] How to measure the X-rays scattered by the phantom when they enter the detector?

mas fight1_fight2 at yahoo.co.jp
Tue Aug 30 00:46:56 CEST 2022

* { font-size: 13px; font-family: 'MS Pゴシック', sans-serif;}p, ul, ol, blockquote { margin: 0;}a { color: #0064c8; text-decoration: none;}a:hover { color: #0057af; text-decoration: underline;}a:active { color: #004c98;}Hi GATE users.
I am masa at japan and new to Gate.

I am currently working on a simple simulation.
I am trying to find the point spread function of the scattered rays detected by a CsI detector by injecting a pencil beam of monochromatic X-rays into an acrylic phantom.

Assuming a detector detection efficiency of 100%, I want to output the spread of scattered radiation when it enters the detector.
No interaction occurs with the detector. I also want to output scattered rays and primary rays separately.
How should I set up the detector in such a case?

Should I use Fluence Actor for detection?
Or should I use a sensitive detector?

I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Thank you.

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