[Gate-users] Using phase space actor

Devir-Wolfman, Ayeleth (GE Healthcare) Ayeleth.Devir-Wolfman at ge.com
Mon Apr 25 10:59:20 CEST 2022

Good day to all!

Sending my question again, hopefully with more responses this time.

I'm try to implement phase space actor into my simulation, to be later used as the source of my simulation.

I add the actor as following to the main macro:
/gate/actor/addActor                    PhaseSpaceActor  phaseSpace
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/save             output/phaseSpace.root
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/attachTo         Phantom
# Store not only entering particles, but also outgoing particles
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/storeOutgoingParticles   true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/storeSecondaries         false
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/setMaxFileSize           50 GB
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableProductionVolume   false
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableProductionProcess  false
# Store coordinates in the actor coordinates
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/useVolumeFrame           true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableEkine              true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableXPosition          true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableYPosition          true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableZPosition          true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableXDirection         true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableYDirection         true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableZDirection         true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableParticleName       true
/gate/actor/phaseSpace/enableWeight             true

Then after I have the phaseSpace.root file, I try to replace my source with this actor, by:

  1.  commenting out the above actor commands
  2.  commenting out the previous source
  3.  adding the following commands instead of the source, at the same place of the main macro:
# Phase-Space actor as source
gate/source/addSource  pS_Source  phaseSpace
gate/source/pS_Source/addPhaseSpaceFile data/phaseSpace.root
gate/source/pS_Source/attachTo    Phantom

  1.  My problem is that the output sinograms are empty, and that if I check the stat actor it shows that the simulation time has reached 1.79769e+299 seconds, where the simulation was run for 5 seconds.

  1.  Also, I was wondering what is more recommended for this case, to save the particles coordinates in the actor frame or in the world frame (i.e. setting the command /gate/actor/phaseSpace/useVolumeFrame  to be either true or false).

  1.  And one general question: what is the difference between using the phase space actor and using the tracker/detector mode?

I would greatly appreciate any help on the matter.

Thank you,
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