[Gate-users] Optical Simulation Pixel

Michel David Raed michelraed at usp.br
Wed Nov 10 15:37:05 CET 2021

Im working with optical simulations using LUT davis model, but i'm facing
some problems in order to get the pixelID response from the simulation.

i.e :

I'm simulating a monolithic crystal associated with an array detector, but,
i can't read any information in pixelID. It shows it's value ranging from
-1-0, and containing all single events, as if it was a single element, but
actually it was repeated in the code.

I've also noticed that if I use depth 2  ( to sum the pulse in the pixel
using optical system) the singles tree shows no data. The tree appears and
also all its leaves but no information is shown. I can only obtain data if
using readout depth 0 or 1.

The surfaces crystal-apd apd-crystal were set as "Detector_LUT" and the
crystal's surfaces were set to PolishedESR_LUT.

is there any configuration that i'm missing? how to solve this problem?
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