[Gate-users] The question of the peak position of dose deposition

Botnariuc, Daniela daniela.botnariuc.19 at ucl.ac.uk
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Hi there,

I don’t really work with carbon ion beams but from my experience with protons, I would say that these differences in the peak position/range are due to the I-values and consequently stopping powers calculated in GATE (for some physics lists).

I suggest you check the I-value (and of course the elemental composition) of the PMMA material you have in the other Monte Carlo code and then force the I-value to be the same in GATE using the following command:

/gate/geometry/setIonisationPotential SOME_MATERIAL 78 eV

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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Subject: [Gate-users] The question of the peak position of dose deposition

Dear GATE expert,
I used GATE to simulate carbon ion beam to hit PMMA target, but the peak position of ion beam dose deposition was always a little smaller than the results I got with other Monte Card software. The peak position of 100AMeV beam should be 22mm, but the peak position I got with GATE was 21.5mm.The 300AMeV beam should peak at 148mm, but GATE gets 144mm.I don't know where I made a mistake, could you please help me check the macro file,thanks in advance.

The file content is as follows:

/control/execute mac/verbose.mac
/control/execute mac/visu.mac
/gate/geometry/setMaterialDatabase data/GateMaterials.db

# World=======================

/gate/world/geometry/setXLength 2 m
/gate/world/geometry/setYLength 2 m
/gate/world/geometry/setZLength 2 m
/gate/world/setMaterial Vacuum

# PMMA===================

/gate/world/daughters/name              pmma
/gate/world/daughters/insert            box
/gate/pmma/geometry/setXLength      10 cm
/gate/pmma/geometry/setYLength      10 cm
/gate/pmma/geometry/setZLength      20 cm
/gate/pmma/placement/setTranslation 0.0 0.0 50 cm
/gate/pmma/setMaterial PMMA

# PHYSICS=========

/gate/physics/addPhysicsList QGSP_BERT_EMV

/gate/physics/addPhysicsList QGSP_BERT_HP

# output===================

/gate/actor/addActor                               DoseActor  doseDistribution
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/save                  output_txt/output-C100.mhd
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/attachTo                pmma
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/stepHitType           random
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/setPosition            0 0 0 cm
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/setResolution         100 100 2000
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableEdep            true
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableDose            true
/gate/actor/doseDistribution/enableNumberOfHits    true

/gate/actor/addActor               SimulationStatisticActor stat
/gate/actor/stat/save              output_txt/stat-C100.txt
/gate/actor/stat/saveEveryNSeconds 60

# INITIALISATION============


# BEAMS==================

/gate/source/addSource        mybeam  PencilBeam
/gate/source/mybeam/setParticleType     GenericIon
/gate/source/mybeam/setIonProperties     6 12 6 0
/gate/source/mybeam/setEnergy    3600 MeV
/gate/source/mybeam/setSigmaEnergy     2 MeV
/gate/source/mybeam/setPosition     0 0 0 mm
/gate/source/mybeam/setSigmaX    10 mm
/gate/source/mybeam/setSigmaY    10 mm
/gate/source/mybeam/setSigmaTheta     0.01 mrad
/gate/source/mybeam/setSigmaPhi       0.01 mrad
/gate/source/mybeam/setEllipseXThetaEmittance    0.01 mm*mrad
/gate/source/mybeam/setEllipseYPhiEmittance        0.01 mm*mrad

# random ==========
/gate/random/setEngineName MersenneTwister
/gate/random/setEngineSeed auto

/gate/application/setTotalNumberOfPrimaries 200000

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