[Gate-users] Meaning of 'time' in 'Hit file'

κΉ€μˆ˜ν™˜ ksh2454178 at naver.com
Thu Jul 1 09:10:47 CEST 2021

Dear gate users,
I'm working on a GATE optical simulation.
I wonder what the 'time' in the 'Hit file' contained in the ASCII file is.
It is documented as a time stamp in the GATE user guide. But I don't know the exact meaning.
1. Time when gamma rays are converted to optical photons
2. Time at which the optical photon is finally absorbed
Which of the above numbers corresponds to 'time'?

If not 2, how do I know when the optical photon is being absorbed by the sensor plane?

And can you explain single and hit using gamma rays and optical photons as examples?

Best regards

Su hwan Kim
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