[Gate-users] GATE doesn't recognize Fuor18 source

Mahdjoub Hamdi mahdjoub.hamdi at hotmail.fr
Thu Jul 1 01:35:44 CEST 2021

Hello Gate users/experts,

Moving from GATE 7.2 to GATE 9.1, and running my simulations I had to  change few commands to define the source due to this error:

<!> *** WARNING *** <!>  The 'energytype' option is DEPRECATED, use 'ene/type' instead!

Here is the change I did and didn’t work:

/gate/source/NAME/gps/energytype Fluor18  to /gate/source/NAME/gps/ene/type Fluor18

After this modification GATE doesn’t recognize Fluor18 and I get this error:

I have checked the GATE users guide, however documentation still use the older command.

Any hint on that, please?

Thanks for your help,

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