[Gate-users] The parallel computing problem

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Wed Aug 11 11:08:49 CEST 2021

I tried to install Job Splitter according to the tutorial on the official website, but I did not find the. Gate folder when I set the path, can anyone help me?Here is the original text of the tutorial:

1.1. Installation of the Job Splitter (GJS)

The job splitter can be installed in the same directory as Gate. Two environment variables are already added to the environment file used to compile Gate (but you can customize them):

export GC_DOT_GATE_DIR=/somedir/

export GC_GATE_EXE_DIR=/somedir/bin/Linux-g++/

The first variable indicates the location of a hidden directory called .Gate. The directory will contain the split macros for each part of the simulation. Even when splitting the same macro several times, a new directory will be created for each instance (with an incremental number). In normal circumstances, one does not need to look into it. In case of an error, it can be used to run only a specific part of a simulation again (See What about errors?).

The second environment variable indicates the location of the job splitter executable. As the Gate environment file will be used to compile the job splitter source code, the executable will likely be located in the same directory as the Gate executable.

To install, load the Gate/Geant4 environment variables, go to the job splitter directory (bash example):

source env_gate.sh

cd jobsplitter


By default, the executable will be created in the jobsplitter directory. If the GATEHOME variable is correctly defined, the executable will also be copied in the same directory as the Gate executable (same for the dynamic library).

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