[Gate-users] a way of using docker - encountered "low disk space"

Hyun Soo Park hyuns at snu.ac.kr
Wed Jun 10 08:40:10 CEST 2020

Hi, all Gate users,

I'm trying to use a docker application for Gate 9.0 released recently.

The docker of Gate 9.0 returns expected output when I use it for estimating
the internal dosimetry with voxelized phantom and source. I found that it
is easy to use and faster than vGate, although the visualization is

However, the critical problem occurred when I ran multiple dockers
(specifically 8 docker runs) at once as a batch. The initial status of the
docker run was good, but, in the middle of the simulation,  I suddenly came
across an interesting system warning message saying, "the system has low
disk space." It was strange because when I started the batch, the system's
disk space was enough (> 400 GB). That was never seen in vGate or compiled

Question is simple: have anyone experienced this problem of diminished disk
space by running the docker application? If so how did you solve the


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