[Gate-users] APLHAS AND BETAS?

David Boersma david.boersma at acmit.at
Wed Feb 5 16:48:17 CET 2020

Hello Anestis,

I am not a SPECT expert, but this sounds to me like a physics list issue. Which physics list are you using? Did you make sure that this physics list indeed includes the physics for alpha particles and nuclear decays?

The reference documentation for physics is here:


If you'd ask me to make a guess for the right list to use for your simulation, I'd pick "Shielding_EMZ". But take it with a grain of salt, because like I mentioned, I am not a SPECT expert.

Hope that helps,


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Hello all,

I am trying to take into acount alpha and beta emissions, apart from gammas, in a SPECT simulation. So far I have only gammas emitted from my source and I would like to take into acount the alphas and betas that my source emits, as well. For this purpose I have the full spectrum of emissions (gammas, alphas, betas) of the radionuclide that interests me (it is Actinium 225 actually) taken from MIRD.

However, in the GATE manual I found that this is possible for voxelized phantoms. In my study I am using a non voxelized phantom (NEMA IQ phantom), and I have sources confined in each out of six spheres, but only gamma emission so far.

Any help or suggestions are welcomed,

Best Regards,

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