[Gate-users] APLHAS AND BETAS?

Anestis Nakas A.Nakas at student.tudelft.nl
Wed Feb 5 09:23:34 CET 2020

Hello all,

I am trying to take into acount alpha and beta emissions, apart from gammas, in a SPECT simulation. So far I have only gammas emitted from my source and I would like to take into acount the alphas and betas that my source emits, as well. For this purpose I have the full spectrum of emissions (gammas, alphas, betas) of the radionuclide that interests me (it is Actinium 225 actually) taken from MIRD.

However, in the GATE manual I found that this is possible for voxelized phantoms. In my study I am using a non voxelized phantom (NEMA IQ phantom), and I have sources confined in each out of six spheres, but only gamma emission so far.

Any help or suggestions are welcomed,

Best Regards,

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