[Gate-users] Version 8.1 and 8.2 differences, PBT

David Boersma david.boersma at acmit.at
Mon Aug 17 11:44:45 CEST 2020

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the long wait. You can use "git" to check differences between different releases. On the command line, for instance, you could list all tags (releases):

git tag -l

And then you could run:

git diff v8.1.p01 v8.2 -- ./source/physics/src/GateSourceTPSPencilBeam.cc

(I hope that this command line does not get mangled in your email client...)

This shows the differences in the GateSourceTPSPencilBeam.cc source file between the releases 8.1.p01 and 8.2. You can also look at the diffs in github, for instance:

  *   go to https://github.com/OpenGATE/Gate
  *   click on "tags"
  *   select the newest release tag for which you would like to do the comparison (8.2)
  *   click "compare" and select the older release tag (8.1.p01)
  *   you may have to wait a little bit while the server generates the diffs
  *   select the "files changed" tab
  *   find the file you're interested in and click "load diff"

This should result in something like this:


<https://github.com/OpenGATE/Gate/compare/v8.1.p01...v8.2#diff-8f950e0d41b247abb5f0a77d4f0b2832L324>As you can see in the diff, nothing changed in the parsing of the optical part of the source properties file, but there were changes in the parsing of the energy spread (MEV versus PCT). The 8.1 code has the number of  lines to skip hardcoded, while in later releases it just skips whatever number of non-content lines (empty or comments) you have inserted. If some of the previously skipped lines could be construed as a "content line" (not empty, no comment) then it's possible that all lines after that will be misinterpreted, including the divergence polynomials. Maybe that's what happened with your source properties file.

We have made an effort to detect such mishaps in the parsing so that you'll get a crash with an informative error message in such cases. But I've noticed that this error detection is not yet fool proof: it is still possible to give it incorrect source properties input which is then read silently, with bogus results.

In short: could you please send us your source properties file (and maybe also the main macro and the plan file) so that we can see where the parsing goes wrong?


David Boersma

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Betreff: [Gate-users] Version 8.1 and 8.2 differences, PBT

Hi all,

I've been simulating some proton treatments in virtual Gate 8.2 and all looks good, but when I run the same simulation in 8.1 (to be in line with Gate-RTIon) the beam has a ridiculous divergence. I suspect some change to the source description file, perhaps between rads / mrads, or in the ordering of the polynomials, I'm not sure yet.

Can anyone tell me what's up, or point me to a document where I can see all changes made between versions 8.1 and 8.2?

Thanks a lot,



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