[Gate-users] Condor_hold and condor_release GATE simulation on a cluster

Zhengzhi Liu zliu36 at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 9 00:46:52 CEST 2020

Dear Gate users,

For some GATE simulation, the runtime could be as long as a couple of days
even on a 56 cores cluster. However, I can't let my GATE simulation occupy
all the cores on the cluster during working hours since other colleagues
are also using the machine. Thus I tried to hold my GATE simulation during
the working hours and later resume previous GATE simulation. The commands I
found to achieve this goal are condor_hold
and condor_release
Everything works fine that condor_hold can put my GATE jobs on hold and
condor_relese can resume GATE simulation. Except that running
condor_release would wipe existed data.

I might have misunderstood the function of condor_hold. Honestly, I don't
fully understand the description. It might have killed the GATE program.
Are there any GATE experts who know how to pause GATE simulation and resume
it at a later time? If this is possible.

Thank you very much for any help.
Sincere wishes,

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