[Gate-users] Isolating primary photons in root file?

Cassandra Miller cassandramiller at phas.ubc.ca
Wed Sep 11 19:20:22 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm making simulations of SPECT scans and I would like to only view the 
primary photons from my root output file, and ignore all scattered 
photons. When I used gate v7, to do this I simply did:

comptonPhantom == 0 &&  comptonCrystal ==  0 && RayleighPhantom == 0 && 
RayleighCrystal == 0

and my resulting spectrum had only primary photons. However, when I do 
those same commands with Gate v8, I get the spectrum (Lu-177) attached - 
it doesn't look like all of the scattered photons are removed. There 
shouldn't be any gamma emissions between 136 keV and 208 keV (besides 
what is caused by the energy resolution of the detector), especially 
because I used the histogram method to define my source, so I know there 
should be no primary photons there!

Does anyone know if I am missing a command I have to call to ignore the 
remaining scattered photons? I know I'm getting most of them but I want 
to remove them all. I've also tried setting comptVolName = 'N', but that 
doesn't change anything.

Thank you!

Cassandra Miller

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