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Matthew Strugari matthew.strugari at dal.ca
Tue Sep 10 16:48:34 CEST 2019

After doing a little bit of digging, I found that the GateNoise.cc file sets the position of the noise according to the command:

If anyone has a trivial solution or any suggestions on how to easily correct this to obtain random positions throughout the crystal, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Subject: Background noise source

Hi all,

I am interested in modelling background noise in my SPECT images and I have included the lines below in my macro. Is there a way to include a random spatial distribution for the noise? I expected that the background noise would appear randomly throughout the crystal but all of the counts associated with background noise are located directly in the center of my crystal.

# N O I S E
/gate/distributions/name                                  energy_distrib
/gate/distributions/insert                                  Flat
/gate/distributions/energy_distrib/setMin         30 keV
/gate/distributions/energy_distrib/setMax        300 keV

/gate/distributions/name                                  dt_distrib
/gate/distributions/insert                                  Gaussian
/gate/distributions/dt_distrib/setMean              12.5 ms
/gate/distributions/dt_distrib/setSigma             1.4 ms

/gate/digitizer/Singles/insert                                     noise
/gate/digitizer/Singles/noise/setEnergyDistribution  energy_distrib
/gate/digitizer/Singles/noise/setDeltaTDistribution   dt_distrib




Matthew Strugari

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