[Gate-users] mu_mass value not vary by varying thickness of slab and source energy- GateEmCalculatorActor

HUSSAIN KHALID / UPM gs54017 at student.upm.edu.my
Wed Sep 4 13:57:34 CEST 2019

Dear Gate Users,

Please guide me, I want to calculate mass attenuation coefficients for
physics process. As, mass attenuation coefficient depends on material
density, thickness and no. of particles entering the absorbing material and
no. of particles leaving the material without interactions.But I wonder to
see that the value of mu_mass *does not change with changing the thickness*
of the absorbing material to which this actor is attached.
/gate/scanner/daughters/name slab
/gate/scanner/daughters/insert box
/gate/slab/geometry/setXLength 10. cm
/gate/slab/geometry/setYLength 40. cm
/gate/slab/geometry/setZLength .9525 cm
/gate/slab/placement/setTranslation 0. 0. 20 cm
/gate/slab/setMaterial  NaI # Sodium Iodide
/gate/slab/vis/setVisible 1
/gate/slab/vis/setColor blue
/gate/slab/vis/setColor magenta

 Secondly, it is also *not changing by changing the source energ*y. If I
change the energy of source, it has no effect on mu_mass coefficient.
/gate/source/addSource GammaSource
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/type Volume
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/shape Sphere
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/radius 0.5 cm
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/centre 0. 0. 0. cm
/gate/source/GammaSource/attachTo           sphere1
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/particle gamma
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/energytype Mono
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/energy    141. keV
/gate/source/GammaSource/setActivity 3000. Bq
/gate/source/GammaSource/gps/direction      0. 0. 1

Its value can *only change by changing the value of energy inside this

/gate/actor/addActor EmCalculatorActor            myEmActor
/gate/actor/myEmActor/setParticleName               gamma
/gate/actor/myEmActor/setEnergy                    * 141. keV*
/gate/actor/myEmActor/attachTo                      slab
/gate/actor/myEmActor/save                          output/myEmActor.txt

I will be very happy for your guidance.
 Thanking you.
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