[Gate-users] Visualizing a source

Eric Petersen eric.petersen at stonybrook.edu
Tue Oct 22 17:53:45 CEST 2019

Hi All,

While building a GATE simulation, I'm trying to visualize my source, along
with the rest of the geometry, prior to running a simulation. I'm able to
see the geometry of the scanner, but the source simply does not appear in
the viewer. Some additional details:

Vis parameters set at beginning of macro:
/vis/open OGLIQt

Command used to visualize the 'F18CylinderSource' source:
/gate/source/F18CylinderSource/visualize 5000 red 3

I am terminating the script immediately after specifying the source in
order to inspect the geometry prior to running a simulation.

Any insights or tips are much appreciated - thanks!
Eric W. Petersen
PhD student  |  Biomedical Engineering
Stony Brook University
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