[Gate-users] Defining an activity distribution with background

Satyajit Ghosh satyajitghosh.email at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 17:54:46 CET 2019

Dear GATE users,

               I am trying to define an activity distribution of four
circular hot rods with a background (of ratio 1:2 wrt hot region) using
analytic definition of source (not voxelized definition). I know that the
'setActivity' command basically assigns a certain amount of activity inside
a the defined volume. Naturally the background volume is needed to be
defined as universal volume containing four volumes for hot rods. After
assigning the appropriate activity values in 5 volumes (4 hot rods and one
background), I am not getting desired hot to background ratio in STIR
reconstructed image of GATE data. Please note that I have set the activity
of individual hot rods considering contribution from background activity. *I
believe the reason of not getting desired result can be the fact that one
can't define overlapping source volumes. Is this correct?* If not then how
do I define an activity distribution with a background using analytic
definition of source.

Satyajit Ghosh
Phd student
Physics Department
IIT Bombay, Mumbai
*Satyajit Ghosh*
*PhD Student*

*Nuclear Spectroscopy and Molecular Imaging Lab,*
*Physics Department, IIT Bombay,*
*Mumbai-400076, INDIA*
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