[Gate-users] Optical Photon Simulation

Johannes Isenbrandt jisenbrandt at aol.de
Sun Feb 17 11:24:34 CET 2019

Dear all,

I try it again, because my last question wasn’t answered. 

I try to simulate gamma detectors to solve geometrical issues depending on
the position of the PMT at a 15l plastic scintillator.

The first step is to reproduce the cps with several source positions and the
next step is to acquire a spectrum. 

The templates I tried simulate the cps and the spectra only in the
scintillator without capturing the produced light in the PMT. 

At this point I need some help or hints to get closer to my aim.


Thank you all!


Best regards






B.Sc. Johannes Isenbrandt

Hoyastraße 28

48147 Münster

mobil: 01725759318

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            isenbrandt at nuvia-instruments.de
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