[Gate-users] sphere surface source definition

SUNLIANG slhmz666 at suda.edu.cn
Sun Feb 10 17:15:29 CET 2019

Hi, everyone, I want to define a source uniformly distributed on a sphere surface with direction towards inside sphere, but not limited to center of  the sphere. I tried the codes listed below, 

/gate/source/addSource                egun   gps
/gate/source/egun/gps/particle   e-
/gate/source/egun/gps/monoenergy 2 keV 
/gate/source/egun/gps/type       Surface
/gate/source/egun/gps/shape      Sphere 
/gate/source/egun/gps/radius     1.0  mm
/gate/source/egun/gps/centre     0.0 0.0 0.0 mm 
/gate/source/egun/gps/angtype    iso                    #1
/gate/source/egun/gps/mintheta   90.  deg           #2
/gate/source/egun/gps/maxtheta   180. deg         #3
/gate/source/egun/gps/minphi     0.   deg            #4
/gate/source/egun/gps/maxphi     360. deg         #5

Q1: when I run numbers of particles, I always got some particles "lost", namely the particles launched to sphere outside rather than inside.
Q2: when I comment the line ended with #1~#5, nothing changed, why? how can I get the correct code arrangement.


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