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I remind you of the next *OpenGATE technical* *meeting* that will be held
at the University of Wuppertal (*Germany*).

This is a very good opportunity to meet people and exchange on Monte Carlo
simulations. The meeting will be 1.5 days, from *22/01* afternoon to *23/01*,
with a lot of presentations covering various aspects of Monte Carlo
simulation in medical physics, such as nuclear and radiation imaging,
photon and hadron dosimetry, etc ... Presentations are done by group
members of the collaboration in priority, but if other groups what to
present their work, please contact us, we are always welcoming new ideas.
It is usually a quite dense meeting, with a lot of discussions. It is free
of charge. Of course, a nice dinner will conclude the meeting.

The spirit of this kind of informal technical meeting is really to exchange
with other enthusiast people regarding research projects, methodological
advances and technical aspects of GATE.

Please register <https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/20083/> early on the
website, it will help us for the organization!


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Dear all,
Find below the next GATE events :)

*Next Technical meeting:*

   - January 22 to January 24 *OpenGATE technical meeting* @ University of
   Wuppertal, Germany, registration *OPEN*


   - March 10-12 2020  (3 days with 3 teachers): *Python data analysis for
   GATE simulations* in Clermont-Ferrand (France), registration *OPEN*

   - February 12 to February 14 *GATE training for beginners* @ University
   of Tohoku (Japan), registration open soon
   - Spring 2020 *GATE training for beginners* @ Seoul (South Korea),
   registration open soon

Best regards


Lydia Maigne, PhD

Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont
UMR 6533 CNRS/IN2P3 - Université Clermont Auvergne

Campus Universitaire des Cézeaux
4, avenue Blaise Pascal
TSA 60026
CS 60026
63178 - Aubière Cedex

Tel: (33) (0) 4 73 40 51 23
email: Lydia.Maigne at clermont.in2p3.fr <Lydia.Maigne at clermont.in2p3.fr>
Website: http://see.lpc.uca.fr

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