[Gate-users] image reconstruction of multi pinhole collimaor

maryam saed saed.ms1987 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 8 16:41:18 CET 2019

Dear Gaters
I am working on a SPECThead system. my SPECT equips to multi- pinhole collimator. I want to do image reconstruction but I don't have the skill about image reconstruction of multi- pinhole collimator. I have done image reconstruction for the parallel hole with STIR. I think that STIR software is limited for image reconstruction of multi- pinhole collimator. I'm a beginner in image reconstruction. What software is suggested for image reconstruction of multiple pinhole collimator (CASTOR, STIR, MATLAB,...)?
I will be so pleased if anyone can guide me.

Thanks and Regads
Maryam Saed 
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