[Gate-users] Error in GATE 8.2 installation in ubuntu 18.04.3 system - "Set runtime path of ..."

Satyajit Ghosh satyajitghosh.email at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 14:29:11 CET 2019

Dear GATE users,

         I am trying to install *GATE v 8.2* in my Linux *Ubuntu 18.04.3
LTS* system. But I getting stuck in 'make install' step of GATE
installation. Error message -

[  4%] Built target MetaIO
[  6%] Built target itkzlib
[100%] Built target Gate
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "Release"
-- Installing: /home/PATH_TO/GATE/gate_v8.2-install/bin/Gate
-- Set runtime path of "/home/PATH_TO/GATE/gate_v8.2-install/bin/Gate" to ""

This seems like a silly mistake that I am doing as I am not familiar with
cmake based installation. I am using:

(1) ROOT 6.16,
(2) Geant4 10.5,
(3) Gate 8.2,
(4) gcc *7.4* (required is 4.8 to 7.3 - can it create any problem?)
(5) cmake 3.10.2.

Date- 8-Dec.-2019
Satyajit Ghosh
PhD student
Physics Department
IIT Bombay, Mumbai

*Satyajit Ghosh*
*PhD Student*

*Nuclear Spectroscopy and Molecular Imaging Lab,*
*Physics Department, IIT Bombay,*
*Mumbai-400076, INDIA*
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