[Gate-users] Track length within a volume

Andreas Tefre Samn√ły andreas.samnoy at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 12:19:06 CET 2019

Hi Everyone

I was wondering if it is possible to use the TrackLengthActor to find the
track length inside a specific volume, and not the track length in the
entire simulation. I tried to attach the actor to the volume I want to
measure the track length within (pixel), and then I add a particle filter
for protons since I only want to know the track length of protons within
the pixel volume. The script I have used below does not seem to give me the
track length of protons inside the pixel volume, it seems to give the
entire track lengths of protons in the simulation. Is it possible to do
what I want?

/gate/actor/addActor  TrackLengthActor protonTrackActor
/gate/actor/protonTrackActor/attachTo pixel
/gate/actor/protonTrackActor/addFilter                     particleFilter
/gate/actor/protonTrackActor/particleFilter/addParticle   proton

/gate/actor/protonTrackActor/setLmin                 0 mm
/gate/actor/protonTrackActor/setLmax                 1 mm
/gate/actor/protonTrackActor/setNumberOfBins         100

Best Regards
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