[Gate-users] What happens when two sources are in superposition

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Bonjour Maxime,

I cannot answer your questions about superposition, I'll leave that to the experts.

Searching in the mailing list: the archives are public, so you can just use google. For instance,  if you enter this search string in the google search box then you should get all mails on our lists with the word "superposition" in it:

site:lists.opengatecollaboration.org superposition

(And I am a bit disappointed that your mail is not yet among the search results. Maybe google does not index our server every day? Am I spoilt? Or maybe there was no indexing happening since the server moved on March 7?)


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I was looking at the Gate documentation to reproduce a derenzo-like phantom and when it came to define the sources activity, I was unsure how to proceed to have a constant ratio between hot spots of different size vs the background. What happens when two sources volume are in superposition? Does their activity "add up" in the intersected volume?

 From my understanding of the Gate users guide, it would make sense that they add up. There does not seems to have a mother/daughter approach to the source creation, which would be needed, I think, to define the intersection volume. Thus, to obtained a fixed ratio between any hot spot vs background, I need to estimate the activity that is expected to come from a given hot spot and adjust its activity in consequence.

While I am there, I have another question. Is their a way to search in the mailing list archive without checking every month subjects list manually?

Have a nice day,
Maxime Toussaint

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